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[sticky post] Supernatural/RPF Art Masterpost

Tip: Press ctrl+f, and search for characters/pairings/bigbang/minibang/etc. if you're looking for something specific.
The main pairing/s in each story are written in alphabetical order for easier search. As an example: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles. For no pairings, search Gen.

SPN Kinkmeme art
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Big Bangs 2015
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Big Bangs 2014
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Big Bangs 2013
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Challenge Schedule [2015]

Signed up to
Debriel MiniBang
Destiel BigBang
Sastiel BigBang
SPN Reverse Bang

Kevin BigBang
Sabriel BigBang
Sam Winchester BB (not open)

Important Dates
Aug, 22: [Destiel BB] Art Claims MP
Aug, 29: [Destiel BB] Posting Schedule MP
Sep, 05: [Wincest BB] POSTING

Sep, 06: [Kevin BB] Artist sign-up closes
Sep, 15: [Destiel BB] Artist Check-in (x2)

Sep, 28: [Debriel MB] Art claims
Sep, 29: [Destiel BB] ART DUE (x2)
Oct, 01: [Sastiel BB] Art claims
Oct, 05: [Sastiel BB] Art claims MP, Posting Schedule MP
Nov, 30: [Sastiel BB] ART DUE

Dec, 16: [Sabriel BB] Artist sign-up closes

DeanBenny BB
J2/Supernatural BB (x2)
Supernatural KinkBang (x2)
Wincest BigBang

Do you happen to know of a challenge I might be interested in? Please recommend it and I'll check it out!

Title: Angels and Demons
Author: ohwillothewisp
Pairing: Sam/Dean, minor Anna/Ruby
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 9.5k
Warnings/Kinks: Language, implied sexual situations, implied bottom!Dean, implied top!Sam, mpreg, pregnant Dean, angels and demons are animals, demon!Sam, angel!Dean, human!Anna, human!Ruby
Summary: Angels and demons are animals.  Sam was not happy when his owner, Ruby, left him boarded at a kennel.  He was even less happy when he discovered an angel in the same facility.  But his encounter with the angel will end much differently than anyone would have guessed.  He may have never expected his mate to be angel, but now that's found him he won't let anyone keep them apart.

Art under cut! [OBS! Contains Mpreg]Collapse )

Title: All the Broken Pieces
Author: ohwillothewisp
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 23k
Warnings/Kinks: Language, explicit sexual content, knotting, collaring, slavery, sex slavery, A/B/O, mpreg, Omega!Jensen, Alpha!Jared, top!Jared, bottom!Jensen, power dynamics, minor/background Gen/Misha, pregnant!Gen, Slave!Jared, Slave!Misha, Slave!Gen, Owner!Jensen, mentions of abuse, attempted murder, angst with a happy ending
Summary: Omegas are a blessing and Alphas are a curse. Jensen has been told this his whole life, in the minds of others it goes to justify why all Alphas are enslaved and treated like nothing more than animals. Jensen is an omega and despite what society and his parents may want him to believe he has never been able to see the slavery system as anything but barbaric. Despite the circumstances he falls deeply, hopelessly in love with his Alpha slave Jared. When a slave revolt leaves Jared free and Jensen in danger what they share will be put to test.

Art under the cut! (OBS! One contains blood!)Collapse )

Title: To Serve and Protect Dean Winchester
Authors: crowleysgirl86, beyourteenagedeantonight
Pairing(s): Benny Lafitte/Dean Winchester
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 32 153
Warnings/Kinks: Age difference, forced prostitution, drugs, angst, murder, alcohol abuse, underage sex, underage drinking, torture, past rape, past noncon, drug abuse.
Summary: Dean is a young runaway, being forced into a deal by a dangerous man: he finds himself being used, abused and forced to sell drugs for a powerful evil gang. Agent Benny Lafitte has a theory that the death of his Captain William Harvelle was a caused by someone in this gang. Benny decides to go undercover where he discovers young Dean Winchester. Originally, Benny had planned to do a bust and flip on Dean but the haunted green eyes had Benny second guessing himself. When it came down to it, Benny can’t risk putting Dean in anymore danger: selling out his crew would mean death for Dean. Instead, Benny decides to go deep undercover to get the proof he needs himself.

Art under the cut! [OBS! NSFW]Collapse )